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From 2020 onward, the spread of the new coronavirus infection has had a major impact on our daily lives and economic activities. It has become essential for us to both prevent the spread of infection while still achieving our socioeconomic activities.

Under these circumstances, and recognizing the Covid-era coming ahead, we have taken the first steps towards the future of medical care. Our company now offers two MA medical consultation services, “the MA Online Second Opinion Service” and “the Consultation Service with Doctors”, as the first step toward a future form of medical care that directly connects patients and doctors.

This project was adopted to support the advancement of new fields by Ishikawa Prefecture In 2021.

We hope that these services can help address various concerns and worries about health, illness and medical care that people may have and we wish our customers will make full use of them.

President & CEO
Associates Japan Co., Ltd.
Yuko Nishimura

Company Profile

Company Name Associates Japan Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Yuko Nishimura
Established April 2015
Address 42-1, Higashimikage-machi,
Utatsuyama Garden Hills West Hill 304
Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan 920-0835

Access 30 minutes on foot from Kanazawa Station, 10 minutes by car
Department of Labor License Permission No. 17-U-300144
  • MA Medical Consultation Service
  • Kanazawa Medical Tourism in HOKURIKU
  • Medical Associates ( a recruitment website specialized in medical doctors)
  • Employment placement business for medical workers such as medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, etc.
  • Operation of a recruitment website specialized in medical doctors.
  • Planning and sales of medical health tours, etc.
  • Medical English translation and interpretation
  • Fuji Travel Co., Ltd.

(ni150 Asano Honmachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture)
  • Fuji Transportation Co., Ltd.

(ni150 Asano Honmachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture)
  • Z & H Consultation Inc. (China)

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