Terms of Service

Terms of Service

This website is operated by Associates Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company"). The website provides a MA second opinion/service and a consultation service with doctors (https://ma-medicalconsulting.com/ hereinafter referred to as "website"). Regarding the site’s rules, the following terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "these terms") are established.

Article 1– Definitions

  • "The service" means the website’s service of providing second opinions by doctors through online interviews, online consultation, or by e-mail, etc.
  • "User" means a person who browses this site, a person inquiring about website service, and/or a person who registers and uses this service.
  • “Company” referred to as “the Company", "We", "Us" or "Our" in this Agreement refers to Associates Japan Co., Ltd.
  • “Terms of Service” (also referred as "Terms") means the Terms of Service that form the entire agreement between the User and the Company regarding the use of the Service.

Article 2 - Scope and Changes of this Agreement

This agreement applies to both our Company and Users regarding the use of this service. The User’s access to and use of the service is conditional on the agreement and compliance with the Terms of Service. By accessing or using the service, the user agrees to be bound by the Terms of Service.
In addition, the Company shall be able to change the terms without obtaining the prior consent of the user.

Article 3 – Purpose of Use

  • This service is intended to only provide medical care and medical information. Any advice given by doctors in this service is not a formal medical examination or treatment.
  • Reports provided by doctors in this service are exclusively based on the submitted materials and the content of the consultation in the interview. This is different from formal written opinions provided after medical treatments or detailed examinations from medical institutions. The User should fully understand this and use this service at their own risk. If necessary, the User must consult an appropriate medical institution, etc. at their own discretion.
  • The company is the only the operator of this site and is not liable for any information provided within the service. We are not liable or responsible for inconveniences or damages that may occur due the response or advice from doctors during the use of the service or consultations.

Article 4 – Service Changes/Suspension

We may change or suspend part of, or all, the services of this site at any time without notice. After the content change, only the content subsequent the modification will be effective. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damages caused to the User due to the change or termination of the service.

Article 5 – Preparation of Equipment

The User must provide their own equipment to use the service. All necessary equipment (software, communication means, etc.) required by the service must be provided at the User’s own expense. We are not involved or responsible for the User’s method for accessing this service.

Article 6 – User Registration

  • 1 .Those who wish to use this service must comply with this Agreement and the Privacy Policy (personal information protection policy). User information is used for registration (hereinafter referred to as "registration matters") and must be provided to the Company in a method specified by the Company to use this service.
  • 2 .The Company may refuse registration and the provision of services if the user falls under any of the following conditions:
  • ( 1 )When there is a false statement, clerical error, or omission in all or part of the registered items provided to us.
  • ( 2 )If you are under a conservatorship or require a legal guardian, and you have not obtained the consent of your legal guardian.
  • ( 3 )If you are connected with Anti-Social Forces (criminal syndicates, criminal syndicates member, organized crime, or something similar to this), and if you provide for the maintenance, operation, or management of Anti-Social Forces through funding or other means. Any kind of cooperative exchange or involvement with Anti-Social Forces or criminal syndicates shall be considered as a connection.
  • ( 4 )When there has been a violation of Article 9 (Prohibited Matters) of the Terms of Service.
  • ( 5 )The Company may refuse registrations if the Company judges them as inappropriate for the operation and management of the service. The Company is not obligated to disclose the reason for any refusal of services or account termination following a breach of the Terms.

Article 7 – Liability Restrictions

  • 1 .The Company and the third parties connected to it are not liable for any use or misuse by users of this software or service,.
  • 2 .This limitation of liability applies regardless if they are based on existing warranties, contracts, intentional or unknowing torts, etc. The company is not liable for consequential, special, punitive, direct or indirect damages whatsoever arising from the use of the services even if we have been notified of the possibility of such damages.
  • 3 .The Company shall not be liable for the consequences of the use, misuse, reliance, or the inability to use of the Software or Services, including those through third parties. Limitation of liability applies regardless of whether the software or service is interrupted, suspended, or terminated.
  • 4 .This limitation of liability applies to the maximum extent permitted by law, regardless of the infringement prevention rules.

Article 8 – Disclaimer

  • 1 .The Company does not guarantee that the Service will meet the specific purposes of the User. There is no guarantee that the service will have expected functions, accuracy, and usefulness, that the use of the Service will comply with applicable laws and regulations or internal rules of industry associations, and that there will be no defects.
  • 2 .The Company will not be liable for any interruption, suspension, termination, inability to use the Services, or the deletion or loss of any messages or information you send to the Services. The Company is not liable or required to compensate for any loss of registration data due to the use of the Service, failure or damage of equipment, or any other damage suffered by the User in connection with the Service.
  • 3 .Even the Company is found to be liable, we shall not be liable for compensation in excess of the amount paid by the user in the past one (1) year. We shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, future, and lost profit damages.
  • 4 .If a third-party link from our services to another website is provided, the Company is not liable for the content, use, results, etc. of the linked website (this includes, but is not limited to, legality, effectiveness, accuracy, certainty, safety, up-to-datedness and completeness). The Company is not liable for any losses or damages arising from the connection to external sources linked to our service.
  • 5 .The Company is not liable for any transactions, communications, disputes, etc. that occur between the user and the doctor in charge or a third party in connection with this service.

Article 9 – Liability Restrictions

The user must not perform any of the following actions or any act that the Company finds to be inappropriate.

  • ( 1 )Acts that violate the laws and regulations or this Agreement
  • ( 2 )Acts that are offensive to public order and morals
  • ( 3 )Acts of providing false information to our Company and affiliated doctors
  • ( 4 )Actions that cause or may cause financial damage, mental damage, disadvantage, inconvenience or discomfort to the Company, affiliated doctors, or other third parties.
  • ( 5 )Acts that infringe the Company’s affiliated doctors, and other third parties intellectual property rights. This includes copyrights, portrait rights, personality rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, etc. as well as acts that damage honor or trust, or acts that may cause said damage.
  • ( 6 )The act of passing or requesting user’s personal contact information (email address, mobile number, etc.) to the affiliated doctor.
  • ( 7 )Criminal acts and acts that lead to criminal activity
  • ( 8 )Acts that solicit, promote, or encourage illegal activities
  • ( 9 )Acts of copying or recording the contents of interviews and consultations with doctors, images, videos or sounds without the Company’s permission. Acts such as publishing copies or recordings, including SNS, or any kind of similar acts.
  • ( 10 )Acts that the Company deems inappropriate from an ethical point of view, such as excessively violent or cruel expressions, obscene expressions, and expressions that promote discrimination.
  • ( 11 )Acts that are designed to interfere with, destroy, or limit the functions of computer software, hardware, and communication equipment to this service through means such as email or content uploads, including computer viruses, computer codes, files, programs, etc.
  • ( 12 )The act of the same user registering for services under multiple names
  • ( 13 )Repeated cancellation of reservations on the service
  • ( 14 )The act of transferring the information obtained by this service to a third party beyond the scope of the purpose of using this service or the act of transferring it for commercial purposes.
  • ( 15 )Acts that place an excessive load on the network or system of this service
  • ( 16 )Unauthorized access to the Company's network or system, etc., or unauthorized attempts to access the Company's network or system
  • ( 17 )Promotion, advertising, solicitation, or business activities on this service that we do not permit in advance
  • ( 18 )Acts that interfere with the operation of the service
  • ( 19 )Providing assistance or benefits to criminal organizations, antisocial forces, etc.
  • ( 20 )Acts that cause damage or the loss of the trust of the Company
  • ( 21 )Acts that directly or indirectly induce or facilitate the acts of the preceding items
  • ( 22 )Any other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

Article 10 – Intellectual Property Rights

  • 1 .The Company holds exclusive property rights (copyright, trademark, etc.) of the content, features, ad functionality provided through the service (text, figures, images, videos, logo marks, etc.) and what is posted on the site.
  • 2 .In the event that any unauthorized reproduction, reposting, or other unauthorized secondary use of the Company's content is found, the Company shall immediately take legal action in accordance with domestic and foreign copyright laws.
  • 3 . If any dispute arises with a third party in violation of the provisions of this Article, the User shall resolve the dispute at their own responsibility and expense. The Company shall not be liable for any user disputes.
  • 4 .The User guarantees that they have the right to publish or post any content they posted in connection with the Service. The content published or posted by the User must not infringe on the rights of any third party.
  • 5 .At the moment the User sends or posts content in the service, the copyrights (including the rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act) and other intellectual property rights of the relevant content belongs to the Company. The Company, or a third party designated by the Company, has the right for secondary use of this content (including reproduction, release, transmission, publication, translation, adaptation, editing, reprinting, etc., such as permission to publish in magazines, etc.) and the user has consented to its use without limitation over time. The company is not required to pay compensation to the User for the acquisition and secondary use of the intellectual property rights of the relevant content.

Article 11 – Handling of Content

  • 1 .In order for the proper management of the service, our Company may browse all content sent to the site.
  • 2 .当The Company will analyze the content, investigate it, and use it to improve the quality of the services provided.
  • 3 .The Company shall be able to disclose content without obtaining the consent of the User in the following situations:
  • ( 1 )In the event of a compulsory disposition or court order based on the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure or the Act on Interception of Communications for Criminal Investigation;
  • ( 2 )When administrative sanctions based on laws and regulations are taken;
  • ( 3 )If the Company determines that the requirements for disclosure requests based on Article 4 of the Act on Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and Disclosure of Caller Information have been met;
  • ( 4 )When the Company determines that it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property.

Article 12 – Compensation for Damages

In the case that the User violates the prohibited items listed above or illegally infringes the intellectual property rights belonging to the Company and its affiliated doctors, the User shall pay compensation towards the damages.

Article 13 – Transfer of Status under the Terms of Service

  • 1 .The User may not assign, transfer, set collateral, or otherwise dispose of the right to use the Service or their rights or obligations under these Terms to a third party without the prior written consent of the Company.
  • 2 .In the event that the Company transfers the business related to this service to a third party, the Company may transfer the rights and obligations under these Terms of Use, as well as member registration information and other customer information to the transferee without obtaining the consent of the user. The transfer of business, as defined in this section, shall include not only ordinary business transfers, but also corporate splits and all other cases in which business is transferred.

Article 14 – Confidentiality

The user shall treat the non-public information disclosed by the company as confidential, except with the prior written consent of the Company.

Article 15 – Contact and Notification

Inquiries regarding the Service, other communications or notifications from other users to the Company, and communications or notifications from the Company to users shall be made in a manner determined by the Company.

Article 16 – Negotiations / Jurisdiction / Others

  • 1 .In the event that a problem arises with the services that cannot be solved by the Terms of Use, or the guidance and correspondence from the Company, the Company and the user shall discuss and resolve the problem in good faith.
  • 2 .In the event of a need for litigation regarding the use of this service, the Kanazawa Summary Court or the district court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court for the first proceedings.
  • 3 .Japanese law shall formation, validity, performance, and interpretation of this Agreement.

[Established on January 11, 2022]

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